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Hand Hygiene: How to Use Hand Sanitizer

Wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. Hand washing kills off germs & other harmful particles on your hands. When soap and water are not available. Use hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol to avoid getting sick and spread any diseases.

Make sure to use alcohol-based sanitisers, they can quickly reduce the number of microbes on your hands.

Note: Sanitizer does not eliminate all types of germs. Soap and water are better at removing certain germs, that doesn't mean sanitisers aren't effective.

Kid using a hand sanitizer spray to clean the palm of his hand

Always Use Alcohol-Based-Sanitizer

Hand sanitiser work, but make sure it's an alcohol-based sanitiser with an alcohol concentration between 60-95%. It's more effective at killing germs.

Non/low-alcohol-based sanitisers:

  1. Does not work well for many types of germs

  2. Merely reduces the growth of germs instead of killing them.

If you want your hands clean, you better kill off germs.

Instruction: How To Use Hand Sanitizer

When using, apply the sanitiser of one hand, rub your hands all over until they are dry. Rub in thoroughly for 20 seconds.

If you don't cover all surfaces of your hands, germs still spread to other parts of your body if you accidentally have contact.

Always wash your hands for more than 20 seconds

Hand Sanitizers May Not Be Effective If Your Hands Are Visibly Dirty or Greasy.

Community activities like sports, food preparation, garden work, outdoor sports are not suitable circumstances to use hand sanitisers.

When your hands are heavily dirty or greasy, hand sanitisers aren't able to clean off it without a steady flow of water.

Can't clean dirty and greasy hands with Hand Sanitizer

Sanitisers Can Kill Germs, But Not Harmful Chemicals

Hand sanitisers can't remove harmful chemicals. If you've touched any chemical-based products, wash them carefully with soap and water. It's more effective than hand sanitisers.

Don't Swallow Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Sanitisers are essential to keep everyone safe from germs, however, it's not safe to consume. It will cause alcohol poisoning.

Children are especially likely to swallow hand sanitisers that are scented, brightly coloured, or packaged nicely.

Store hand sanitisers out of the reach of young children. If they need to use it, make sure it's under adult supervision.

Adults might also purposely drink hand sanitiser in order to get drunk.

Don't drink hand sanitizer, the alcohol content is too high for consumption

Don't Keep Your Sanitizer In The A Hot Environment

Remember, your hand sanitiser has an expiration date. The alcohol content in a bottle will gradually drop, making it unusable.

That's why never keep your sanitiser in a hot place such as your car or under the sun. Because the alcohol will evaporate away.

Store your hand sanitiser in a cool and dry location.

Safety Tips Hand Sanitizer

Follow these safety tips to prevent irritation and alcohol poisoning:

  1. Never ingest hand sanitiser

  2. Don't touch your sensitive areas with hand sanitiser (eyes, nose, mouth)

  3. Stay away from fire after immediate use

When Not To Use Hand Sanitizer

Important: Hand sanitiser should not be used instead of soap and water when:

  • There's water and soap available

  • You have greasy and visibly dirty hands

  • Chemicals are on your hand


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