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How to Wear a Face Mask Without Fogging Up Your Glasses

Do you wear glasses to help you see clearly? Or do you wear them as a fashion statement? Whether it’s former or latter, you’d have surely found a way to wear them comfortably. And well for some of us, you’d have probably just gotten used to it.

Foggy glasses when wearing a mask

Now that wearing a face mask in public is compulsory, foggy glasses have unfortunately become a norm for us spectacled folk. We understand that it’s a total nuisance (and dangerous) when our glasses start fogging up simply by breathing through face masks in public because it obstructs vision. But it’s not like we can just stop breathing!

Why Do My Glasses Fog Up When I Wear A Mask?

The science behind foggy glasses is simple. When warm air touches the cooler lens of your glasses, condensation is formed, which causes our glasses to fog up. Our glasses often fog up because of these reasons:

Change in Surrounding Temperature

Those of us who live in a tropical country like Malaysia will be all too familiar with this one. Just think about how your glasses fog up when you exit a cold building and walk to the warm outdoors.

Ill-Fitting Face Masks

When we breathe, we emit warm air from our nose and mouth. If your face mask doesn’t fit right, warm air will escape from the top of your mask and hit the cooler lens of your glasses, causing it to fog up.

So How Do I Wear A Face Mask And Avoid Foggy Glasses?

Now that we know what causes foggy glasses, here are some tricks to prevent it from happening!

A woman pinching the tip of her face mask to fix it in place

Firmly Fit The Mask To Your Face

Disposable face masks such as surgical masks come with an adjustable nose clip. This is the thin piece of bendable metal or plastic that is found on top of your face mask. Adjust the nose clip until it conforms to the bridge of your nose to form a tight seal above and ensure a good fit. This directs warm air to the bottom or sides of your mask to prevent your glasses from fogging up.

If you’ve made your own reusable face mask out from the fabric, you can sew pipe cleaners or twist ties at the top of the mask as a makeshift adjustable nose clip.

Taping down face mask to prevent breath from fogging glasses

Seal Your Mask

This is a simple trick commonly used by doctors. It involves sticking a piece of double-sided tape across the bridge of the nose before wearing the face mask to create a secure seal. But individuals with sensitive skin should avoid this method due to the nature of the adhesive.

Use soapy water to create a barrier to protect the glasses from fogging

Soap And Water

It sounds too easy to be true, but it is actually a method used by healthcare professionals for years! This trick involves two easily accessible items; soapy water and a soft cloth.

Simply wash your glasses with soapy water and shake off the excess liquid. Then gently wipe them dry with a soft cloth, or leave them to air dry. The soap leaves a thin film that acts as an anti-fogging barrier. However, be sure to check with your optician before trying this trick as this may ruin the special coating found on most glasses these days.

Anti-Fog Solution

The problem of foggy glasses is not a new one as swimmers and divers have suffered this for years. That’s why anti-fog solutions designed to tackle foggy goggles such as anti-fogging sprays are available. Before you purchase one and use it on your glasses, check the ingredients and product reviews first. Some anti-fogging sprays may contain harsh chemicals that will damage expensive lenses.

Anti-Fog Spray

Wear Your Glasses On Top

This is a simple trick that is effective especially if your glasses have nose pads. Wear your face mask first, then place your glasses on and position the nose pads to sit on the top of your face mask. This adds weight to your face mask to create a seal, preventing warm air from going up to your glasses.


If you have trouble doing any of these tricks with your face mask, check out NOVID’s range of FDA approved disposable surgical masks that will definitely work with these tricks. Just remember that washing your hands is also a must before and after you adjust your face mask!

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